Breathtaking Arrangements From a Professional Florist!

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Foothills Bridal Connection is excited to be partnered with Lisa Foster Floral Design to create wedding inspiration and design! With over 20 years of floral experience, Lisa is knowledgable in a wide variety of flowers, wild and domestic.

Lisa is a professional who is willing to work with any bride on any budget. That means a bride can have the bouquet of her dreams. By visiting Lisa Foster’s website you will find numerous testimonies of brides who had little to no idea what they wanted. She created custom flower arrangements for the entire wedding based off of what the bride favored, sometimes only knowing what colors the couple liked. 301747_2860420592656_1602933786_n

Those brides who know exactly what they want will be happy to find Lisa Foster Floral Design is there to meet each brides individual desires. Brides may also rent cast iron candelabras, crystal trees, and many other decorations. Having more than flowers alone provides an unexpected yet beautiful detail while still going with the flow of the overall theme.

Lisa Foster Floral Design: (865) 951- 0660, 6622 Kingston Pike. Knoxville, TN

Foothills Bridal Connection: (865) 724-1218,143 Cherokee Heights Drive. Maryville, TN

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